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Dallas Spine Care

Physical therapy following a spinal injury in Dallas

Dallas spine care

Dallas spine care

Back and neck pain can range from being a mild inconvenience to so debilitating that your quality of life is disrupted. At Dallas Spine Care, we pride ourselves in helping patients for whom previous treatments have not worked. Dr. Robert Henderson is a spine surgeon who specializes in helping patients with histories of failed or ineffective surgeries on their backs. He has been in practice for over 20 years and if you need Dallas spine care, you couldn’t find a better champion. He follows his patients for a minimum of three years after any significant surgery to oversee their complete healing process. At the Dallas Spine Care office, we work with our patients to resolve a number of back conditions such as severe back and leg pain, conditions that have received prior treatment without improvement, sacroiliac joint syndrome, herniated discs, patients who have not received a definitive diagnosis, lumbar trauma, degenerative disc disease, and compression fractures.

Physical therapy is an excellent way to recover after a spinal injury or rehabilitate after spinal surgery. It is a short term treatment, generally lasting 4-6 weeks. Physical therapy helps decrease muscle and ligament pain. Here at Dallas Spine Care, we start you slowly and eventually work you into active long-term physical therapy plan, such as joining a health club. Part of our Dallas spinal care emphasizes strengthening your upper back to indirectly support the lower back. We advise you to make exercise a habit, an integral part of your daily routine. Exercise is important for your spine as well as your general health. Strength and flexibility are necessary for a healthy neck and back. We suggest that you exercise at least three times per week and make it fun so you are encouraged to continue with the program. A healthy neck and back exercise program consists of 2 parts: cardiovascular conditioning and moderate weight training. Our expert staff will work with you to develop an exercise regime you will enjoy to do on your own.

Part of our Dallas spine care program includes prevention or changes you can easily make to reduce the chances of another spinal injury. We encourage you to take control of your spinal condition by adapting appropriate eating habits, exercising and using proper body mechanics to strengthen your spine. The very best treatment for spinal pain is prevention, not pills, shots or surgery. We recognize that your body is getting older every day, and it is important to avoid activities that aggravate existing conditions. Being overweight contributes to low back pain and aggravates most spinal conditions, so we urge you to lose weight. It is important to remember to rest a few days after an injury. However, you should not sit around and wait for the pain to completely subside, unless directed by your physician. Doing nothing may actually increase the pain because muscles and ligaments will become unconditioned. Brisk walking one or two miles per day is a low impact manner in which to achieve cardiovascular and strength training. For those of you who smoke, this is another good reason to stop the habit. Typically, smokers have a less predictable surgery outcome because smoking increases healing time. Smokers also have higher complications including an increased risk of infection when surgery is indicated. For more tips, give us a call today.

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