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Spine Care 75235

Spine surgery in 75235

Spine care 75235

Spine care 75235

Have you been experiencing back pain that is keeping you from being able to enjoy your life? Have you been told that you will be needing spine surgery in the near future in order to recover from your back problem? When you are looking for excellent spine care, or need to have spine surgery, you will want to come to our highly esteemed spine care practice, Dallas Spine Care. At our practice patients come from all over to be treated for spine care 75235.

Our board certified spine surgeon is Dr. Henderson. He has already provided over 20 years of treatments for our patients who suffer from chronic back pain. Our spine Doctor is dedicated to each and every patient in terms of finding the proper diagnosis and treatment to help make their lives better and to allow them to live their lives free of back pain. Dr. Henderson has spoken nationally and internationally and has demonstrated surgical techniques worldwide. You can do no better than to receive your spine care 75235 at our spine care practice. Dr. Henderson specializes in helping patients who have had failed or ineffective back surgeries. He believes that almost all failed back surgery can be corrected. If you are suffering from back pain, and do not know where to turn to for help, you will definitely want to come and visit our esteemed doctor at our Dallas Spine Care Center.

At our practice we treat patients who suffer from problems with the spine that result in chronic back and leg pain. Our surgical practice is state-of-the-art. We listen to each patient’s situation and create a personalized treatment plan that will help our patient attain the best possible outcome. Some of the many conditions that we treat at our office are: back pain; leg pain; patients who have received prior treatment without improvement of the symptoms; herniated discs; sacroiliac joint syndrome; patients who have not received a clear diagnosis; lumbar trauma; degenerative disc disease; and compression fractures. At our practice we know the importance of correctly identifying and treating the various causes of your symptoms. When spine pain persists we may recommend that the patient has an MRI scan to help identify the actual problem. For an appointment to meet with our doctor for spine care 75235, be sure to contact us today at Dallas Spine Care.

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