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Herniated discs in Dallas

Dallas orthopedics
Dallas orthopedics

Help for your back pain is only a phone call away. At Dallas Spine Care, we pride ourselves in helping patients for whom previous treatments have not worked. Dr. Robert Henderson is a certified spine surgeon in Dallas who specializes in helping patients with histories of failed or ineffective surgeries to correct debilitating back pain. He has been in practice for over 2 decades and if you need exceptional Dallas orthopedics, he is the spine surgeon to see. He follows his patients for a minimum of three years after any significant surgery to oversee their complete healing process. At the Dallas Spine Care office, we work with our patients to resolve a number of back conditions such as herniated discs, severe back and leg pain, and conditions that have received prior treatment without improvement or resolution.

Dallas orthopedics can treat and help you recover from a herniated disc. Intervertebral discs separate each of the bones of the spinal column with the exception of the first vertebra in the neck. The discs act as shock absorbers to minimize the impact of movement on the spine. Their structure resembles that of a jelly donut with a soft central portion surrounded by a tough, flexible outer ring. A herniated disc, sometimes referred to as a slipped, bulging, or ruptured disc, can occur as the result of the stress of long-term wear and tear or develop as a consequence of a sudden injury. When a disc herniates, the softer central portion ruptures and pushes out through a crack in the surrounding outer ring. A herniated disc can irritate nearby nerves and cause symptoms of pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness. For appropriate spine care of herniated discs, it is important to recognize the part of the body where the symptoms develop since that reflects the location of the herniated disc. When a disc herniates in the upper back area, neck pain and radiating symptoms through the shoulder and arm can develop. In the case of a lower back disc herniation, symptoms may radiate to buttocks and down through the legs. However some individuals who display evidence of a disc herniation in diagnostic tests, do not exhibit symptoms.

Once a thorough physical examination has been performed and all imaging tests have been interpreted, our Dallas orthopedics specialist will discuss all the treatment options with you and individualize a plan that works best for you. Our mission is to give you back an active, healthy life where you have control over the choices you make. Give us a call today, and take the first step to treating your debilitating back pain.

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