Spine Care in Dallas

Herniated disc treatment in Dallas

Spine care in Dallas

Spine care in Dallas

Our spine care in Dallas offers many valuable and vital services, including herniated disc treatment. Your discs act as shock absorbers for the movement of your spine, providing a buffer between the moving parts. When a disc becomes herniated, you can experience pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness. What you want and need is relief, and here at Dallas Spine Care, that’s what we can offer.

What does it mean to have a herniated disc exactly? It’s a result of the daily wear and tear that occurs in your spine, which can eventually lead to a disc bulging or rupturing. Essentially, the soft part of the disc, in the center, pushes outward through a crack in the harder outer portion. You can get a herniated disc in any part of your back, upper or lower. The location of the disc in question will also determine where your discomfort occurs. Symptoms of upper disc herniation include neck, shoulder, and arm pain in addition to what you feel in your upper back. Among the signs of lower disc herniation is pain in the legs or buttocks. It is possible to have a herniated disc and have no pain or symptoms at all, though. When you are suffering with back pain of any type, you should reach out and call us to schedule our spine care in Dallas.

In order to form an accurate diagnosis, our spine doctor will take a complete medical history and conduct a thorough physical exam. Testing may be required in order to pinpoint the location of the herniated disc, as well as to ensure that the problem itself is a herniated disc and not some other back or spine concern. It is the goal of our spine care in Dallas to exhaust non-invasive treatment options before considering surgery. However, if such methods are ineffective or insufficient; or if you are having problems walking or standing; or you are experiencing loss of bladder or bowel control due to a severe herniated disc, surgery might be needed regardless. Your unique situation and circumstances will dictate the proper course. But don’t suffer needlessly. Let our spine doctor help you.

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