Spine Surgery in Dallas

Spine care in Dallas

Spine surgery in Dallas

Spine surgery in Dallas

Are you suffering from pain and need to see an expert doctor regarding spine care? Do you think you may be needing spine surgery and want to find a doctor who is an expert in the field? When you need spine surgery in Dallas, or exemplary spine care of any type, you will want to come to our practice, Dallas Spine Care.

At our spine care practice our expert and highly trained surgeon is Dr. Robert J. Henderson. Dr. Henderson has over 20 years of experience in helping patients with chronic back pain. He is a board-certified spine surgeon. Dr. Henderson is known both nationally and internationally due to the fact that he has demonstrated surgical techniques worldwide and is an international speaker on spine treatments and care. Dr. Henderson specializes in helping patients who have had ineffective surgeries on their backs. He believes that almost all failed back surgery is correctable. Dr. Henderson believes that pain that persists after back surgery is still present because the appropriate back pain was not correctly identified, or they wrong surgical procedure was performed to correct the problem. When you need spine surgery in Dallas, you can relax knowing that when you see Dr. Henderson you are in the very best hands for surgical and non-surgical spine care.

At Dallas Spine Care our goal is to help patients who suffer from conditions of the spine that end up presenting symptoms of chronic back and leg pain. Our practice is state-of-the-art and our doctor and staff closely listen to each patient and create a personalized treatment plan that will ensure the best possible outcome. Some of the conditions that we treat with or without spine surgery are: debilitating back pain; leg pain; patients who have had prior surgeries without good results; sacroiliac joint syndrome; herniated disc; patients who have not received a complete diagnosis; lumbar trauma; degenerative disc disease; and compression fractures. Most spine pain should get better with time. When the pain persists, an MRI may be helpful in diagnosing the origin of the problem. Most recovery from minor spine disorders should clear up within 4 to 6 weeks. At our office, we are also able to help patients with nonsurgical treatments such as physical therapy and other medical alternatives. If you would like to meet with our expert doctor regarding spine surgery in Dallas, or about back or other spine-related pain, contact us today.

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